NCC Music Camp - California, USA

Roxanne Fountain
October 3, 2017
United States
The NCC Music camp occurred on the church property in Moriah Heights, California on July 5-16, 2017.

MORIAH HEIGHTS, UNITED STATES—In the summer of 2017, musicians from nine countries gathered at Moriah Heights, California, USA for a music camp from July 5-16, 2017. There were 68 registered musicians for the event for both choir and orchestra. There were also other musicians who practiced with the camp attendees who were invited to join the orchestra and choir for the final concert. At the time of the concert, there were 80 musicians in the orchestra and choir.


The schedule at the music camp included classes, morning and evening worship, practice and rehearsal times, and lectures. Before spending the day with instruments and sitting in classes, camp attendees participated in exercise classes at 6AM led by Ebert Fountain. Worship lectures were delivered by Brother George Schoipu and Pastor David Zic. The music theory classes were led by Keven Wang and Brigitte Portalanza. The music history class was led by Brigitte Portalanza, and the choir practice was directed by Sister Vera Schiopu. Brother Isaac Terceros led the orchestra rehearsals, and Sister Barbara Montrose gave lectures on music and its effects on the brain.


The camp concluded with a concert at the Rosemont High School Auditorium in the Sacramento area at 7:30-9PM on July 16. The music camp was a blessing to its participants. Friendships were built and bonds formed among the youth of the church. The event also had an impact in the local community where young people have begun attending the church regularly after the music camp.


One youth expressed his desire to continue keeping the Sabbath after having attended the music camp and announced to his family that he was going to be vegetarian. Sabbath-keeping and vegetarianism were not topics presented at the camp, but through the delicious vegetarian food available at the camp and the thoughtful preparation for the Sabbath, the message was preached and this youth accepted the truth as a result.


May God bless the participants of the music camp, and may each talent developed there be used for His praise and glory.


Didn't get the chance to go this year? An NCC Music Camp is being planned for 2018!