News Updates

Peter Lausevic
July 31, 2015
Report on a recent combination of spiritual and health seminars held in India.

Recently, a combination of spiritual and health seminars were held in two different cities in India. The first seminar was held during the first week of July, in Erode, a city located in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. The second seminar was held in a small town called Ponnur, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in the northeast part of the country.


Davi Paes Silva
July 9, 2015
Are you, dear reader, a prisoner of hope? Let us go to our strong hold, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While we remain in Him, Satan has no power to separate us from our divine safety.

 After spending 70 years under Babylonian captivity as prophesied by Jeremiah, only a small remnant of about 50,000 people undertook the difficult journey back to Jerusalem. The city was devastated, the walls were broken down, and the people were surrounded by bitter enemies through whom Satan tried to hinder the restoration of the worship of the true God. Because Israel was the only people who represented the principles of heaven, Satan didn’t spare his devilish schemes to discourage and even destroy them.

San Bernardino & Beaumont Churches
June 24, 2015
United States
The right arm of the message promoting health and wellness

​In an effort to promote good health within the community, the San Bernardino Church teamed up with the Beaumont Church to do a presentation on how to live a healthier life. The "Wake up to Wellness" seminar was presented at the Community Center Hall in San Bernardino, California.


Eli Tenorio
June 17, 2015
During the last week of May, a workers' seminar was held in Rwanda with the participation of workers from the Rwandan Union Mission and some from Congo (Kivu Missions).

Over the weekend, brethren came from different parts of Rwanda and joined the workers for the general public meetings.

The workers participated in doctrinal and secretarial seminars.


Musical groups from various missions were present and they participated by praising God with beautiful sacred songs.

John Bosco
June 16, 2015
The mission in Madagascar has now been officially organized with the baptism of 45 precious souls!

During the first two weeks of June 2015, evangelistic seminars were held in various cities in Madagascar by the African Regional Assistant Secretary, Brother John Bosco.

Brethren from different cities gathered in Antananarivo to attend the baptismal ceremony of the 45 souls.