Echoes from Paradise: Music Summer School

Cornelius Barbu
September 7, 2016
Did you get to attend this summer's music camp? Read about how it went, what happened, and to see the pictures.

We are thankful to the Lord for the opportunity He has given us to be useful in His work, this time by means of music. The Music Department and the Youth Department of the SDARM in Romania, in cooperation with the Music Committee and the Youth Department of the GC, held our first musical summer school on August 15th-21st, 2016, in Porumbacu, Romania. The event title was “Echoes from Paradise”, and its key text was “And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord” Psalms 40:3.


We were blessed with 150 participants who were present for the entirety of the event. Many of the hymns learned were new, but everyone grasped the fact that when hymns are sung or played only to offer praise unto God, wonderful effects can be brought about both for the listeners as well as for those offering praise.


The participants came from several countries and brought with them a considerable desire to praise the Lord. Though the schedule was rather crowded, the thought that animated all was that it takes much effort, discipline, and teamwork in order to bring about a perfect harmony among the instruments, among the choir members and between instruments and voices.


The activities started on Monday, August 15th, at the Porumbaco campsite. Everyone was designated a group, either choir or orchestra, according to their abilities. Brother Isaac Terceros, who is a member of the GC Music Committee, was both teacher and conductor of the orchestra. The choir members were instructed by Brother Marcos Pedrazas, the GC Music Committee chairman. Sister Barbara Montrose was also present with us and presented a lecture on the History of Music from a Biblical perspective. We were also privileged to have with us other teachers who supported us during this event.


After a week of intensive studying and preparing, we moved to the Adventist Educational Centre in Stupini, which we had rented, where we spent the Sabbath with other brethren and visitors who came to rejoice with us and to listen to the hymns we had learned (photos below).


We were happy to hear rather difficult musical items presented by the youth after merely 4 days of practice— a testimony to the fact that God has offered us precious talents which should not be buried in the ground, but rather put into use and multiplied, especially now in this time of grace that we are still granted before Christ's return.


We thank the Lord for having  helped us this far, and we hope that many see and come to fear and trust the Lord. He Who can do great things for us.


Corneliu Barbu