Music Summer School - Brazil

Eloisa Santos
February 8, 2017
On January 9-15, 2017, the 3rd Music Summer School took place at the South Brazilian Union Headquarters in Itu, São Paulo, Brazil.

For many SDARM young people and brethren, the year started full of music. On January 9-15, 2017, the 3rd Music Summer School took place at the South Brazilian Union Headquarters in Itu, São Paulo, Brazil.


During these wonderful days, the students enjoyed classes on music theory, singing, and in practice of their instrument of choice. Classes were divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Teacher included members of the GC Music Committee: Brother Marcos Pedrazas, Brother Isaac Terceros, and Sister Barbara Montrose.


With the students present, an orchestra and band were formed, as well as a beautiful choir. Thus, there was something for every student, as those who were only then beginning to learn an instrument or had never touched one could use his or her voice to praise God. In addition, the children also had their own special classes with their teacher, Sister Ellen, who worked with them on the topic of children's music.


After a week full of activities and preparation, brethren from various cities came for a special weekend conference. On Sabbath afternoon, these visitors were able to get to know a little of what the teachers and students worked on during the week when they attended a beautiful concert featuring the choir and orchestra.


On Sunday, after a time for photos, each participant received a certificate at the closing meeting. Participants returned to their homes full of satisfaction because it was undoubtedly a remarkable event in which they could praise the Lord together and learn a little more about how we can praise God in the best way possible.


These were blessed days in the presence of the Creator. May God bless all involved, and may the things learned during the event continue to bring fruit for His praise.